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Umbrella KRAGO Brown Gold

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The umbrella has 8 spokes and fiberglass frame which is a perfect combination of reliance, ease construction, practicality, and beautiful appearance.
Pongee is a soft and unbleached fabric which is originally made from threads of raw silk and has a water-repellent effect getting dry fast.
The umbrella has a replaceable and changeable rubberized end so that you can put it on any surface either it is asphalt or gravel without worrying of getting scratches and marks. Even though it somehow gets damaged, you can always easily change it.

The stylish handle made of plastic will make you excited by how fixable it is. What we mean is that it does not slide in your hand and it is comfortable to hold it in a hand.

Also, we took care of the folding process. Now, you do not need to worry about velcro that does not work. Instead, we made a cover strip that will work for ages!
The KRAGO umbrella means a style, premium quality for a reasonable and affordable price. We know for sure that people around will pay attention to your umbrella when you buy it.
Is it worth saying that our umbrella does its job and protect you from rain on 100% percent? The circumference is almost 1,5 meters! It will keep your stylish clothes dry, and it will become a part of your stylish cloth!


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Umbrella KRAGO Brown Gold

Umbrella KRAGO Brown Gold

Umbrella KRAGO Brown Gold