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VDone.com - web resource, which is the largest in Ukraine network of shops of fashionable men's clothingof the trademark VD one.

Trademark VD one created by British company VD one Limited for almost 20 years agoIn Latin VD one (Virtutis et Dignitatis inonemeans "strength and dignity in one." Over the past 20 years all rights to the TM "VD one" went to Ukrainian owners, the company is engaged in the design, modeling and production ofmenswear

Limited Liability Company "ВІДІВАН-УКРАЇНА" ("VIDIVAN-UKRAENA")

We take pride in being the owners and developers of several renowned trademarks in the Ukrainian market. Our company is the exclusive owner of brands such as:

  • VD one - a contemporary brand that meets the highest standards of quality and design.
  • BІDІBAH menswear - elegant and stylish clothing for modern men, emphasizing their individuality.
  • VD one Junior - quality and comfortable clothing for children, helping them feel confident and stylish.
  • VD one Intensiv - a clothing line designed for an active lifestyle, combining functionality with fashionable design.

We are always striving for innovation, improvement, and the development of our brands to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.


  • Tie

    Men's tie VD one

    49₴ -75.38% 199₴


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