About the company

VDone.com - web resource, which is the largest in Ukraine network of shops of fashionable men's clothing of the trademark VD one.

Trademark VD one created by British company VD one Limited for almost 20 years ago. In Latin VD one (Virtutis et Dignitatis inone) means "strength and dignity in one." Over the past 20 years all rights to the TM "VD one" went to Ukrainian owners, the company is engaged in the design, modeling and production of menswear

Our advantages

In our online boutique VDone.com every season, you Can find unique capsule collection, which is not contained in traditional stores, cities and countries - one for VD VDone.com.

First the products of TM "VDone" presented in the Internet, which allows all customers unprecedented access to stylish, high-quality, relevant, trendy, designer clothes!

Quality guarantee

VDone.com ensures convenient payment methods, easy return and exchange of goods, qualitative consultations with professional stylists, delivery in any point of Ukraine.

Design center of VD one draws inspiration from the trend agencies in London, Paris and Milan. It was there, in the heart of the most modern fashion developments, collections of the brand.